Choose your thoughts carefully

     Change your thinking and your behaviour with Hypnotherapy, it will change your life!

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy used to create change in a client while in a relaxed state called Alpha state, between awake and sleep, or unconsciousness, known as hypnosis.

The therapy itself uses guided relaxation techniques from a trained hypnotist that invoke feelings of intense relaxation, concentration, and/or focus to achieve a heightened state of awareness or trance-like state, bypassing the critical factor, the conscious mind.

This deeply relaxed nature brought on by the hypnotic state allows the client to explore suppressed feelings, emotions or memories that are often hidden in the unconscious mind, whilst the positive suggestions/intentions of change via assistance from the qualified hypnotist assists to replace the negative thoughts and behavior with positive thoughts and behavior, therefore building neural pathways that support the individual rather than inhibits the individual.

The outcome is a change in consciousness which can often lead patients to experience things differently outside of hypnosis, such as reduced stress, decrease desire to continue the perpetual habit/s or healthier life choices, therefore Hypnotherapy has been successful in treating a wide range of conditions or unwanted behavior, such as: smoking, losing weight, performance enhancement, stress reduction and bad habits such as nail biting, to name a few.

Transformational Hypnotherapy  is a form of Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Therapy {NLP}, which assists in removing limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind which holds us back from achieving our desired outcomes in life.

If you have any chronic pain, or even acute pain anywhere in the body, it is a good idea to check in with your emotional state. Chances are, most of the underlying pain originates with what is going on in your heart and soul.

At least then you have the necessary tools to navigate your way into better emotional health through meditation, connection with your bodies wisdom, letting go and positive thinking. It is important to have your feelings and honor them. They represent the essence of who you really are, so denying your deep extensive emotions might possibly lead to joint pain and affliction somewhere in the body.

Take care of yourself with love!


REQUEST A HYPNOTHERAPY AUDIO TAILOR MADE TO SUIT YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS sent via email/phone if you are unable to see me for a session face to face. 

Simply request a form to receive a distance hypnotherapy audio and fill in the form, return with payment and expect to receive an individually made audio within 2 to 3 days along with some other tools which may assist you in shifting old patterns.

Price: $80 

Offering individual and group sessions within businesses within the Health Industry such as Health and Fitness Centres.


Call Eloise for further information on 0427614903.

Eloise is a Qualified Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy and a Qualified Teachers Trainer with the Tad James Company.