NLP Presentations and Workshops

Do you have a customer based business?

Do you believe customer service is an important part of your business?

Do your staff have great customer service skills and make every customer feel special?

Do you believe that any of your staff or colleagues could do with better communication skills or have a more positive attitude?

Is there any conflict in your office between colleagues?

Would you like a higher percentage of clientelle/customers returning to your business?

Would you like to know how I can help you?

If you have answered YES to one or more of the above questions, then you and your staff need this training/s!

Neuro Linguistic Programming Presentations and Workshops assist in creating harmonious relationships within the workplace amongst work colleagues and with all customers/clients to achieve return clientele, gain a good reputation as a professional and favourable business with efficient and friendly staff whom get along well and respect each other as well as management.

Presentations/Workshops include :-

* Excellent Customer Service 

A 3 hour presentation and workshop for Management and /or Front of Office/Retail staff on how to achieve successful and on-going relationships with customers/clients, ensuring return visits. Suitable for any business in hospitality and tourism industry, retail stores and realestate businesses.

* Harmonious Workspace

A 3 hour presentation and workshop for work colleagues and Management and Staff on how to achieve a harmonious work environment and relationships whilst resolving workplace conflict easily and effortlessly, which promotes a harmonious and happy working environment in the office.

* 5 Steps Sales Process

The 5 Steps Sales Process is a 5 week program {for 3 hours per week or a 2 full day} presentation/workshop for Management and Sales Staff on how to successfully increase sales and productivity within your retail business.

* Aligning Values with Management

A 3 hour presentation/workshop to assist Management and staff to ensure they are working towards the same goals and on how to identify your own strong points and your values and then re-aligning them to become in sync with your work colleagues to gain positive results.


In these presentations and workshops you will learn:-

* the principles that will assist you in becoming a more powerful, confident and flexible communicator

* some of the fundamental and powerful concepts of NLP which will help change your attitude from negative to positive.

* how to increase rapport with your clients/your customers and your work colleagues, in fact, it will increase your rapport with everybody in your life, in all of your relationships

* how to rapidly determine your clients/customers preferred representational system
* how to create trust with your clients/your customers

* you'll learn how to discover your clients’ strategies to help influence selling on an unconscious level

* how to ask quality questions

* read the meaning of your clients/customers verbal and nonverbal communication and use the non-verbal communication to build rapport

* take control of negotiation and overcome objections

* maintain the flow of communication

*create a relaxed atmosphere

* to be congruent in your words and behaviour at all times

* identify your own strong points and your values whilst in alignment with your work colleagues and gaining results

* and much more

* Training of Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners Course and Hypnotherapy Certification.

Presentations and training with Qualified NLP and Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner and Teachers Trainer


* Conducted 3 hour 5 week program/workshop on 5 Step Sales Process for Greg and Realestate Agents as well as Excellent Customer Service Presentation/Workshop for Front of Office/Admin Staff 

I had approached Eloise from "Essence Within" about doing some NLP training as I had previously had some training, however this was many years ago and I believed that it would not only benefit myself but the whole office in dealing with customers, clients and each other and because of our industry Eloise suggested that we started with  the ‘5 Step Sales Process’ and 'Excellence in Customer Service' Workshop for my Front of Office Staff.  The team were a bit skeptical as most had never heard of NLP and thought that it would not be beneficial for them.

However Eloise delivered the sessions in a very professional, engaging and relatable way with all of the team being a bit surprised of how informative it was and benefiting both professionally and personally from it.

I could not recommend strongly enough Eloise and the services of her business 'Essence Within', therefore we will be getting Eloise come back for the next phase of our training!

Thanks Eloise.

Greg Walsh from Oz Combined Realty 

Jervis Bay, NSW