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Cacao Heart Opening Ceremony and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Treat yourself and your loved one or your friend to a Couples Cacao Heart Opening Ceremony and experience a lightness of being, a calm mind and restored spirit, when you release the old outdated thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs and call in your intention with a new high vibrational energy of love, joy, grace, peace and wisdom.

With the use of numerous modalities including the 7 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Energy Clearing and Reboot, Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibrations and Breathe work, you will feel empowered and motivated to manifest a magnificent life.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls can bring us back into our natural state of balance, realigning our energy centres, aura and physical body to its natural state of healthy resonant vibration, so we are able to heal.

Begin the Cacao Heart Opening Ceremony by the fire and setting your Intention

As you and your friend or partner sip on Ceremonial Cacao from the Chazuta Valley of Peru and sit by the outdoor fire surrounded by nature, you're already starting to let go of old feelings, emotions, and outdated beliefs. This creates space for you to set your desired outcome, your intention for yourself.

Intention setting is incredibly powerful because energy follows focus.

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Relax, release, and open your heart while setting your intention for healing amidst the serene embrace of nature and The Healing Hut, where a variety of modalities await, including breathwork and the soothing vibrations of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, among others.

The resonating sound of crystal singing bowls guides the brain into healing Theta brainwave frequencies, fostering balance and synchronization between its two hemispheres. These vibrations directly impact the nervous system, inducing a state of altered consciousness and deep relaxation.

Crafted from Quartz Crystal, the bowls emit vibrations that amplify and transform healing energies stored within them. This resonance interacts with the crystalline structure of our bodies, addressing physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental levels of well-being.


The "Fieri Natura" is an immersive experience of mindfulness and wellbeing, which combines the opportunity of staying in a cozy and charming cottage with a total connection to nature and the option of connecting further with yourself along with the mindful therapies offered by Eloise. This is the second time my partner and I have visited "Fieri Natura" and "The Healing Hut".

This time, we did the Cacao Ceremony/Guided Meditation and Energy Cleanse, which helped me open up about my frustrations and vulnerabilities. I’m the kind of person that struggles to meditate for 5 minutes, but with the guidance of Eloise and the atmosphere she creates, I could stay almost 3 hours immersed in a deeply thoughtful state.

I highly recommend this ceremony and meditation if you want to know and connect better to yourself. You will have so many ahaaa moments, such as I did, and most important, you will have the kick-off to be more in control of your thoughts and feelings. More than that, after our stay with Eloise, she shared amazing readings which reminds and helps you how to stay on this track of pursuing happiness and healing.

I'm so grateful for the delightful weekend I had there and we can't wait to go back.

Julia Nalles - Sydney

How do Crystal Singing Bowls heal?

Sound healing, also known as sound therapy, boasts a rich history spanning millennia, with ancient cultures recognizing its profound impact. The core premise of sound therapy lies in the notion that every facet of the human body emits vibrations, each with a unique resonance.

In essence, vibrational healing hinges on the understanding that everything in the universe, including our bodies, exists in a state of vibration. This pervasive energy, permeating all aspects of existence, resonates with distinct vibrational frequencies—a concept corroborated by the principles of Quantum physics, demonstrating the omnipresence of vibrational energy.

The assertion is that states of disease, stress, and fear induce an imbalance in cellular vibrations, causing a deviation from the body's natural equilibrium. Sound healing intervenes by propelling sound waves throughout the body, fostering harmony through oscillation and resonance, thereby facilitating the restoration of the body's balance and, subsequently, the healing process.

A prevalent tool in sound therapy is the singing bowl, with Crystal Singing Bowls—crafted from quartz crystal—emerging as a prominent choice. Advocates within alternative health circles contend that these bowls wield a considerable positive influence on both mental and physical well-being, particularly when augmented by positive affirmations in the form of mantras and chants.

The rationale behind utilizing Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls lies in the belief that the human body comprises crystalline structures. Proponents argue that these bowls significantly impact all organs and cells, asserting that the vibrations generated during sound therapy can positively charge brainwave frequency and alter states of consciousness.

On a molecular level, the affinity between the human body and quartz is underscored by the presence of silica in our cells—a substance that balances electromagnetic energies. Functioning as oscillators, crystals amplify and transmit pure tones, affecting brainwave activity and facilitating entry into altered states of consciousness. This, in turn, may prompt the release of different hormones and neuro-chemicals within various parts of the brain.

The seven distinct Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are strategically attuned to resonate with each of the body's chakras, creating a harmonious vibrational sound. A series of crystal bowl therapy sessions is purported to realign the body, promoting optimal health.

Advocates assert that this therapy not only transmits energy to the aura but also directly influences brainwave activity, fostering an enhanced state of consciousness. In essence, Crystal Singing Bowls, with their resonant power, are hailed as potent instruments capable of alleviating mental and physical ailments.

What is Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibrations?

PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations is a unique healing system that was channelled and developed by Founder Elaine Croker in 1990. PrimeTuning is the voicemail into our trillions and trillions of cells. The cells are inside every part of us.

We are unique in body, mind and spirit. Every thought creates a reaction and an action within the physical, mental and spiritual balance of our cells.

Often when we are unwell our cells are out of balance. Each cell holds memories, some memories are destructive to our health and well-being. Our cells grow in accordance with suggestions and what we believe, to create healthy or unhealthy bodies and emotions.

Using the PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibration technique we can access these memories and detach them from the cells and systems.

Our cells are intelligent and will obey our spoken commands. Using the concept of the spoken word, (instruction to the cells) combined with the setting intention, we can access our subconscious mind in every cell to create what we are asking of them.

Diseases and sickness are simply cells that have lost their power to be healthy. Negative emotions and stress build doubts and fears. This allows cells to wear your stress, thus giving you stressful cells. Through the Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibrations, these cells move on through the system and allow the new cells space to repair and become well again. All you need to do is to allow all these tiny cells to grant it to you. Remember we are all asking to be healthy, wealthy and wise. This is the truth formulas of our very own Happiness.

In this work we are able to simply and painlessly release karmic law and stand on the clarity of who we are in this lifetime - unattached and unshackled. Karma does not exist in the new, healthy cell when it has been cleared.

This method will work with everything that is made from living cells. All cells are organic and have to be fed rightly to keep them well and healthy. 

Free yourself, open your heart, set and intention to love and accept yourself and connect on a deeper level with your loved ones..

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