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In the serene presence of nature and majestic horses, discover, evolve, and fully embrace your authentic self within the secure and professional guidance of Eloise.

"Equine Insights: Discovering Wisdom Through Horses"

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Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of nature, surrounded by majestic horses, as you embark on a journey of learning, personal growth, and self-discovery. In the care of Eloise, within a secure and professionally guided environment, allow the wisdom of her horses to be your companions on this transformative odyssey.


Explore the depths of your being amidst the beauty of the natural world, finding solace and inspiration in the presence of these noble creatures. Eloise, with her expertise and nurturing guidance, creates a space where you can unfold and embrace every facet of your authentic self.

As humans, we thrive on connections. From the moment we're born, our lives revolve around relationships. They can lift us up or bring us down. And it's through these connections that we find healing and growth.

These connections are crucial because they shape how we engage with the world and how we evolve.

Over time, relationships can become a source of healing itself.

By being in relationship with horses and truly listening, understanding, and empathizing with someone's unique experiences, we create a space for them to explore and integrate parts of themselves they may have ignored or pushed away.

It's a journey of discovery and integration, made possible by the bond we share with the majestic and wise horses we work with in session.

Eloise's Horse Wisdom Experience

From my early years on a local farm, horses have been my lifelong companions. Training my first horse, Fleur, and training her to saddle at the tender age of 12 marked the beginning of a profound connection with these majestic creatures. Throughout my life, horses have remained pivotal, and I've dedicated myself to their training, particularly in the realm of natural horsemanship.

I pursued my passion further at Roseworthy Agricultural College, earning an Associate Diploma in Horse Husbandry and Management. Subsequently, I founded and managed my own Horse Business for many years, where I not only taught people of all ages to ride but also offered private trail rides immersed in nature. These experiences allowed riders to connect with the Australian bush, its wildlife, and, most importantly, with kind, trustworthy, and well-trained horses.

Beyond my equine pursuits, I undertook a journey of studying various healing modalities, seeking personal growth and aiming to assist others in their healing journeys. Now, I seamlessly blend my love for nature, horses, and animals to facilitate not only my own growth but also to guide clients in discovering their authentic selves.

My approach is characterized by an intuitive, friendly, and open-loving demeanor. Combined with my extensive knowledge and professionalism, I have evolved into a wise and proficient practitioner, dedicated to fostering growth and well-being in both myself and those I serve.


2 hour session: $160

Begin in August, 2024 when horses will be joining us

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