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Deeply Transforming 
Energy Reset Therapy and Energy Reboot

with or without Massage

What energy are your thoughts creating daily?

Feel vibrant and alive with a higher vibration and treat yourself to a Healing and Transformative Energy Reset.



session of

Energy Reset {on its own}

for the complete

Re-alignment and Balance of your Energy System

Numerous healing modalities are incorporated in this session to balance your whole Energy System including your Auric Field, Energy Centres {Chakras} and Meridians utilsing numerous modalities such as Acupoint stimulation to reset your Meridians, Platonic Sacred Solids, NLP and Transformational Hypnotherapy for the recoding of the subconscious mind, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for Sound Vibrational Healing, Harmonising Rods and Crystals, Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibration for the cells, and more.

Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes for the Cost of $160


Complete Energy Reset with 

Relaxing and Rejuvenating Combination Massage

Follow the Healing Energy Reset treatment with a relaxing and rejuvenating Combination Massage of Hawaiian and Aromatherapy Massage/Hot stones and towels for a complete full balance of Body, Mind and Spirit and leave feeling totally cleansed, grounded, rejuvenated, balanced, empowered, open hearted and vibrant with this Energy Reset and Deeply nurturing Massage session.

3 - 3.5 hours for the Cost of $270


Revitalising Energy Reboot and Massage

1 hour and 45 hour Energy Balance and Relaxing and Rejuvenating Massage

This session includes:-

* Sound Healing from 7 Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls,

* Crystals layering, Platonic Solids, Harmonising Rods and Positive Hypnotic Suggestions etc

* 45 min Deep Bliss Combination of  Therapeutic Hawaiian and Aromatherapy Massage

with 100% Essential oils and Hot Stones.

1 hr and 45 minutes for the Cost of $160

 {allow approximately an extra 30 min for chat, signing form, getting on and off table}



Everything is energy. Energy is Everything.

Everything has a vibrational frequency, an energy field, an aura. The terms light body, subtle bodies, biomagnetic fields can also be used. If we can heal and balance the aura, we can have better health and wellbeing.

Having an Energy Reset can help you step back into your personal power, transcend emotions, create insight and bliss and allow your actions to reflect your higher self and true soul purpose.

Energy Reset is a modality developed to balance people’s energy fields that are disturbed, manipulated, and severely negatively affected. Many people have weak immune systems, mental health issues, financial stress and a lower energy levels due to stress these days, therefore to help combat these issues, Energy Reset aims to support people by resetting their energy field back to their divinity. Moving them from fear to love.

Energy Reset Therapy incorporates powerful healing techniques from Progressive Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sacred Geometry and Crystal Healing, Sound and Colour, two of the highest level healers and much more. Energy Reset specialises in resetting the energetic systems, your Auric field, Meridians and Energy Centres, known as Chakras. All these powerful energies are included in an Energy Reset, and much more.

There is a great awakening blossoming, where millions of people are waking up to energy, ritual, and divine presence since the fear of the Corona virus. The word ‘corona’ comes from the halo around the sun. Literally a crown of energy that helps open the crown chakra. Many people are now more open to energy work than ever before. It is the medicine of the future – returning to the medicine of the past!

An Energy Reset can be given anytime a person feels the need. It is especially powerful when connected to the moon cycle. Every new moon when intention setting is high for resetting and restarting, or on a full moon when we can reset and release.

It is a noninvasive therapy that is safe for everyone including children and in pregnancy.



Over recent years, there has been an obvious shift in the collective energy of the planet; people speak of how differently they feel now. Many have lower energy levels, post- traumatic stress and weakened immune systems. And many have been through a great awakening and are ready to live their soul purpose in service using energy medicine.

Energy Reset Therapy is a relatively new modality {founded by Elizabeth Hughes, a Kinesiologist and author of "Your Body has the Answer"} playing a vital role in helping people find their way through these times.

By experiencing an Energy Reset you allow yourself to release, reset, restore, and revitalisation with intention and purpose.

Energy Reset treatments are for everyone and anyone, and very beneficial for people who have experienced trauma or stress that has left them feeling totally fatiqued, disconnected from their souls purpose and out of balance.

This may include people who have been:

  • Bullied in childhood or as adults

  • Abused – verbally or physically

  • In relationships with narcissists

  • In toxic work environments

  • In dysfunctional family groups

  • Empaths who take on other’s emotions

Symptoms a person may be experiencing that indicate an Energy Reset is needed:

  • Frequent illness

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Nightmares/Sleep disturbance

  • Poor mental health: Depression and Anxiety

  • Lethargy

  • Loss of motivation and passion for things they once loved

  • Poor self-care

  • Headaches

  • Mood swings

  • Feeling disconnected from yourself



Many people from many cultures understand changes in the aura occur before changes in the physical body. Therefore, if we keep our energy strong we can prevent dis-ease from occurring in the body. Our aura is affected by our thoughts, therefore we need to keep our intentions clear and positive. What we think over and over becomes a belief and then we become protective of shedding that belief.  The first step of the energy reset is to release in order to help clear energy around those beliefs and instill new uplifting beliefs.

An Energy Reset can help us, even when we are healthy or have mild subclinical symptoms to heal faster and prevent onset pf physical and mental dis-ease.


Our Energy explained

We are energy first, body second.

Energy is our soul essence.

We are eternal.

Everything is energy. Essentially everything we see is made up of energy. Matter is energy. Einstein's famous equation tells us that mass, accelerated to the square of the velocity of light is equal to Energy, E = MC square. It is the measure of matter. In the year 2000 a Dutch scientist, Mandelbrot took this theory further with his equation measuring infinity, and his theories of fractals with the repetition of patterns bigger and smaller than the eye can see forever producing its self image into Infinity.

Energy is vibration - vibration and energy - these words are interchangeable or put another way our energy is measurable in terms of the vibrational frequency at which we and all matter resonate. All movement is therefore energy passing through gravity or space. It creates energy waves called scalar waves of differing length which are calibrated and measurable on a Spectrometer.

Quantum Physics has validated that there is an intelligence within the field that connects all of creation. The messages of the individual web affect the universal web and vice versa. Matter including DNA is the physical materialisation of what is contained in this field. Knowing this information, humans could be considered as energy first and by simply utilising and infusing energy through our bodies we can balance the systems, allowing the body to heal. All these systems create energy waves called biorhythms which form an electromagnetic field.

Cells are the middle guys in that they function as specific building blocks for the whole body, plus they contain sub-cellular activities. The inside of a cell contains Nucleus, Chromosomes, DNA, RNA, Mitachondria, and other Organelles and Somatid. The cell environment is made of proteins, fats, water, potassium and salts. Cells die at differing rates and all but those without a nucleus replace and renew constantly throughout life. The cell skin is called a membrane. It is permeable, meaning that stuff can get in and get out. Matter {such as chemicals and hormones} move from negative to positive and positive to negative through the cell membrane.

It is this action that creates the whole of the energy in the body.

Emotions, thoughts, behaviours, perceptions - all and each of these signal to the protein and affect the cells. We can mess up the Energy Field and the Body with - TRAUMA, STRESS, TOXINS and THOUGHTS {self suggestion with negative connotation}.

Numerous philosophies of today are based on the premise: that energy first, body second. Everything happens in our energy patterns first. A lot of scientific discovery and proof is just a confirmation of this. This information is not new. It is just stashed away and our bodies have forgotten to use it. We have suppressed it by getting so caught up in the physical, especially in the Western world.


Release the old to bring in the new  

Release    Reset    Restart

Free yourself from your self limiting beliefs


"I am back to feeling realigned, calm, relaxed and soaking up every single moment of being present again. The session with Eloise has made me to continue to flourish from it and I am definitely listening to my intuition again and opening to the light within, grounding myself in the abundance and the magic that is life, once more. Thank you Eloise for assisting me in finding my sparkle again. It was so beautiful to connect with someone so like minded and  completely understanding of my soul".

Erin - Energy Reset and Massage

Executive member of IICT
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