The Soulful "Essence Within"

Energy Balancing and Massage Packages 

and Private Retreats

​The Soulful "Essence Within" Private Retreats

Treat yourself to a weekend or week away where you can indulge in any session/s which resonates with you whilst having time to relax and "just be" as you are assisted to reclaim your love for self, rediscover your mojo and connect with your inner healing.

Pamper yourself and/or a group of friends to a weekend away for a healing mini retreat in the bushland on our beautiful 13 acre property in Kangaroo Valley on the South Coast of NSW.....only 2 hours drive south of Sydney.

Immerse yourself in nature and feel the healing begin from the minute you arrive, wildlife in abundance to greet you, along with your friendly host Eloise.

Select one or a number of modalities you would like to experience and together we tailor a package for yourself or a group of friends/colleagues, to assist you in rejuvenating, re-inventing, re-invigorating, re-energising your body and mind whilst de-stressing the body, reclaiming your mojo and your happiness by releasing repressed emotions,  limiting decisions and other obstacles which keep you stuck and feeling out of sorts via numerous healing modalities and techniques offered in a relaxing and healing setting.

Healing sessions available include:

* Energy Balancing, Qi exercises and Chakra balancing or Massage Package

* Chakra balancing, meditation and foot massage/reflexology

* deeply relaxing, rhythmical and therapeutic Kahuna Bodywork and/or

* immunity boosting and nurturing Aromatouch Massage and 100% Essential Aromatherapy oils

* deeply profound and thought changing whilst releasing limiting decisions/beliefs with Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming

* removing the 5 negative major emotions with Time Line Therapy/Transformational Hypnotherapy

* discovering your root cause of your major issues and experience powerful transformation with Rapid Transformational Therapy {can be offered singularly}

* discovering the body and mind connection and increasing your healing potential with Psychosomatics and let go of past physical ailments with Cellular Prime Tuning

* the fun and transformational Chakradance and transpersonal Mandala Art in the Stone Healing Circle under the stars around an outdoor fire.

* Forest bathe in an outdoor hot Himalayan crystal salt bath under the stars in privacy of your studio accommodation at "In Essentia" Studio or "Avem Haven" Tiny House

* Chakra balancing exercises/yoga poses book to take home to continue your health regime

* Presentation/s on Healthy Body and Healthy Mind available


The Energy Network of the Body

What are body meridians?

Body Meridians are energy channels, ‘transporting’ life energy (Chi/Qi) throughout the body. When the channels are blocked, a lack of energy supply to certain areas of the body, can be felt. Energy blockages can be the result of stress, an injury or trauma, or bad living habits (diet, habits/addictions, and lack of exercise) and can be activated or sedated. Balanced body meridians are key to good health - physical, mental and spiritual. Our energy flow affects how we feel, how we think, and the overall condition of our health situation. When the body's life-force energy becomes blocked, various imbalances can result. For centuries, in China, Japan, Tibet, India and other countries, life has been considered to be a bioelectrical vibrational energy phenomenon. In this view, it is only because of the existence of this energy in our body that we can move, breathe, digest food… think and even feel. Different cultures call this energy by different names... 'Prana', 'Chetana' or 'Qi' (Chi) are some examples. Qi is composed of two opposites: 'Yin' and 'Yang'. A person remains in good health when there is harmony and balance between these two forces. If the balance is disturbed, that is, if the flow of one of these forces is greater than the other, illness/disease arises. These forces – energies – flow through definite channels in the body, called 'body meridians' (the body's healing energy pathways). Meridian massage (Meridian flush and Meridian tapping and Qi exercises) Acupressure and Acupuncture - use the Body Meridians and Acu-points to promote balance and health.


When you book in for an Energy Balancing and Qi Exercise and Massage or Chakra Balance Healing Session {a 2 hour session} you receive all the tools to assist you in keeping your Qi energy flowing freely to restore your optimum health and vitality, to feel and look younger and feel rejuvenated and empowered. You will receive a book with the energy routine outlined and a meridian massage and Chakra re-alignment, leaving you feeling fabulous, calm and relaxed and at peace with who you are.

Extra activities: Tour guided or Self guided wildlife walks and viewing, bush walking, relaxing by flowing creek, push bike hire and outdoor fire pit under the stars, outdoor baths, plunge pool {when staying at Fieri Natura}.

Other professional and experienced practitioners can also be sourced for mini healing retreats offering desired modalities such as Chiropractor/Kinesiologist, Family Constellation, Writing workshops, Transpersonal Art Therapy and Art workshops and much more. Retreats can be tailored to suit your needs.

"Fieri Natura" Luxury Retreat sleeps 8 people  {4 queen size beds including 3 queen bedrooms and 1 sofa bed}, or 14 people including "In Essentia" Studio queen bed, "Avem Haven" Tiny House queen bed, "Minima Domum" Tiny House queen bed all on the property also. 

The "In Essentia" Studio is a separate eco-cabin located in a private and tranquil setting over looking the natural bushland and flowing creek for a single or a couple with hot outdoor shower under the stars and fully self contained on the 13 acre property of "Fieri Natura". 

"Avem Haven" Tiny House is a separate studio located in a private and tranquil setting surrounded by the natural bushland by the edge of an intermittent creek, with views of the mountain escarpment from the large deck, an outdoor fire pit and outdoor bath/shower under the stars and a composting waterless toilet.

"Minima Domum" Tiny House is a separate tiny house on wheels tucked away in a tranquil and private area amongst the tall gums, also on our 13 acre property. Sleeping two people with kitchenette and indoor shower and composting toilet, private outdoor fire pit and large windows overlooking the native surrounds. This is managed and booked through Tiny Away.

The "Healing Hut" is a separate cabin on the property nestled in a secluded area in the bushland where individual healing sessions take place such as Energy Balancing/Exercises, Massages: Kahuna Bodywork, Aromatouch Massage,  NLP and Hypnotherapy whilst the Chakradancing is held under the stars around the fire in the Stone Healing Circle {weather dependant}.


Treat yourself to a weekend or week away where you can indulge in any session/s which resonate with you whilst having time to relax and "just be" as you are assisted to reclaim your love for self, rediscover your mojo and connect with your inner healing.

Minimum of 4 people to run group activities.


Feel free to call Eloise your host/practitioner on 0427614903 for a chat anytime to discover what it is you feel you need to get your life back on track, reduce the stress in your life, let go of the pains that keep you stuck and rejuvenate, reinvigorate your body whilst you reignite your own inner healing.

          Pictures of Accommodation on offer 

Stone Healing Circle