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Reflexology Therapy

In the "Healing Hut"

Kahuna Bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork is a very different form of Hawaiian massage. It works like a dynamic repatterning process on the body, mind and spirit that gives the client an opportunity to realign themselves mentally and physically and change old non-contributing patterns within their bodies.

Apart from the possible therapeutic effects of Kahuna Bodywork such as alleviating stress and muscular tension and assisting the energy to flow freely throughout the body to aid the bodies vital systems such as circulatory/lymphatic systems, the major benefit of Kahuna Bodywork lies in the clients’ greater understanding of his/her own body, through body-mind connection and by achieving deep relaxation and subtle letting go of energy and repressed emotions that no longer serve the body. 


           What to expect throughout a Kahuna Bodywork session

Kahuna Bodywork techniques and moves are applied with Qi energy through the bodyworkers' own body movement . Compassion, and the required motion, positioning, leverage, posture and focus in performance of bodywork is obtained through an ancient precisely patterned movement, called "ka'alele au" (similar to martial arts movements), performed to relaxing music.

The first aim for the Kahuna Bodyworker is to use long stroking techniques with hands, forearms and elbows to relax and reassure the client. Once relaxation is achieved, deeper stroke movements and specific patterns are initiated through the ka'alele au" movement, encouraging improved cell communication and integration of body, mind and spirit.  

The client shall start face down on the very comfortable ultra leather massage table in a heated room and remains sensitively draped whilst the practitioner works with complete professional integrity at all times.

AromaTouch ® Technique  Massage

AromaTouch® Technique is a gentle style massage performed with particular soothing and relaxing techniques on the clients back and feet, using a number of high quality specially selected 100% Essential Oils to deeply relax, balance emotions and build immunity. 

The client will be face down on the Ultra leather massage table and draped appropriately in a heated room.

Each essential oil in the AromaTouch® Technique was selected for its individual aromatic properties, and for their powerful aromatic properties when combined. 

The AromaTouch® Technique uses specific guidelines and instructions for both dosage and application that make it a safe and effective way to receive the full benefits of essential oils. The AromaTouch® Technique is gentle and can be adapted to accommodate young or sensitive skin so that anyone can benefit without the worry of overwhelming the body. 


Combination Healing Massage

Experience the best of both worlds with the use of two complimentary massages utilising Kahuna

Bodywork and Aromatherapy techniques.

The client shall start face down on the very comfortable ultra leather massage table in a heated room and remains sensitively draped whilst the practitioner works with complete professional integrity at all times.

Bookings in advance are essential along with the completion of a Health Assessment form.

Add an extra 1 hour on top of treatment for preparation and discussion of what it is you would like to shift and call in along with filling in a short health assessment.


Other therapies such as Chakradance can be a nice releasing prior to bodywork.

Package including accommodation can be arranged in a relaxing and peaceful setting after your treatment to continue to release, relax and integrate.


Prices for all massages singular select or combination

 $90 for 1 hour, $130 for 1.5 hour

Energy  Balancing Routine and Massage 

Treat yourself to a meridian and energy building daily routine which includes Qi exercises to be included in your routine, taking an extra 5 to 20 minutes of your day to assist you in restoring your health and vitality.

After building your energies with Grounding exercises and the Qi exercises, relax on the massage table and

receive a Chakra balance using sound, visualisation and crystals, and a deeply nurturing 

Aromatherapy back and

foot massage using 100% quality essential oils and Hot stones.

Includes take home booklet with Qi exercises 


1 hour $90 {massage only}

1.5 hour $135 

2 hour $175

2.5 hour $215

3 hour $270 to $300

3 hour $270 {without Transformational Hypnotherapy}

3 hour $300 {including Transformational Hypnotherapy}

Deep Healing Session    

A healing session is a 3 hour session which combines numerous healing modalities to align body, mind and your energy system in the one session. Modalities included within this session are Energy building exercises, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transformational Hypnotherapy, Limiting belief clearing, Aromatherapy Massage/Bodywork, Psychosomatic Energetics, Chakra balancing with the living energies of crystals and tuning fork vibration and sound bath, as well as Cellular Prime Tuning or which Eloise feels guided to use.

The combination of all of these complimentary therapies leave the client feeling aligned, balanced, calm, confident and deeply nurtured.

A client health assessment form will be filled in prior to the commencement of the session 

and a take home hypnotherapy audio and other information forwarded via email to assist in the continuation of the healing.


3 hour Deep Healing Session - $300. {Allow an extra hour for discussion, aura scan, getting on and off table} 

Tailor your own SPECIAL UNIQUE HEALING EXPERIENCE utilising the therapies which resonate with your inner guidance or chat with Eloise and discover together which combination of therapies would suit you best.
GIFT  VOUCHERS AVAILABLE  for 1, 1.5 hour sessions, via email
valid for 6 months 

Certified and over a decade of training in Kahuna Sciences with the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences 
  Certified in Psychosomatic Energetics - mind/body connection.
Certificate in Aromatouch ® Technique with Doterra Oils
Qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Time Line ® Therapy with Tad James and
Level 1 Theta Healing, Psychosomatic Energetics Practitioner, and
Chakradance Facilitator with Chakradance, Level 1 and 2 in Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibrations with Elaine Croker Prime Tuning

PLEASE NOTE: Sexual services will NOT be offered so please do not request.
Client will remain appropriately draped at all times.

We lead such busy lifestyles this day and age and along with our over thinking minds, and unhealthy thoughts, diets, and much more, creates imbalances of the body, mind and energy system such as stress, physical exhaustion, aching body, emotional ups and downs leaving us feeling flat, unhappy, confused, depressed, anxious, out of sorts, frustrated, irritable, resentment and causes disconnection from our own bodies wisdom, with a lack of joy in our heart.

If you resonate with any of the above then it is time for you to re-ground in nature, re-connect with your bodies wisdom, nurture your body, mind and re-align your energy system, release your blockages such as limiting beliefs and emotional stress.

Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and re-vitalised with a 1 hour massage, a combination of Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Kahuna Bodywork


Go deeper and nurture yourself with a 1.5 hour, 2 hour or a deep healing 3 hour session and take home some powerful tools to assist you in remaining balanced, clearing limiting beliefs and understanding how your thinking affects your body with psychosomatic energetics, whilst clearing away the energetic baggage we tend to carry around with us, and feel lighter, clearer, revived and empowered.


By utilising Eloises' numerous skills, talents and qualifications offering unique sessions incorporating a number of the modalities on offer which has been developed into a unique

HEALING and TRANSFORMATIONAL session, like no other massage session.

Or select just one separate modality which resonates with you such as Energy Balancing sessions or Kahuna Bodywork only.

The Aromatouch Technique Massage incorporates the use of 100% Essential Aromatherapy Oils.

Theta Healing, Energy clearing/alignment and/or Psychosomatics also incorporated into most of the sessions.

Individual packages tailored to suit your needs.

Offered to individuals in the "HEALING HUT" a separate and secluded building on the property

or in groups on the property in the main house during a health retreat.

Other modalities included in Healing Sessions and or massages

Prime Cellular Tuning

Our cells are willing slaves, always listening and responding without question to our thoughts and words, whether positive or negative. We have all heard of positive thinking and we know that our thoughts and words have a tremendous influence on our lives. Through communication with the subconscious mind and every cell of the body, old habits and belief systems can be re-programmed.


Psychosomatic Energetics

Psychosomatic therapy is concerned with the analysis of the body and mind, and the relationship between the language of the body mind communication. Psychosomatic therapy and body mind analysis seeks to bring awareness to those areas of the body mind where we can eliminate stress, tension and psychosomatic discomfort before they become disease, and assist medical science in its process of cure.       


Transformational Hypnotherapy/NLP

Whilst in a deeply relaxed state throughout the session/massage, positive suggestions are made to help shift limiting beliefs and energetic baggage.


Having had my first Kahuna body massage experience at the hands of the amazing Eloise and not knowing what to expect, I’m now a convert from the traditional massages I normally have.  Not sure if it was Eloises’ magical hands or the style of massage, but it left me feeling simply much so, I actually indulged in 3 massages in 10 days.

Amanda. R - Main Beach, QLD

Kahuna Bodywork

Eloise's Kahuna Bodywork relaxes, releases, revives and transforms. The ambience she creates transports the client to a tranquil place, whilst her Aromatouch massage/therapy and caring hands work smoothly and seamlessly to soften and straighten tense muscles and realign the body. The result is deep relaxation and restoration - well worth a trip down the coast to enjoy.

Celia. L-B Brisbane

Kahuna Bodywork and Aromatouch client

My massage with Eloise left me feeling and looking years younger! As I work in a highly stressful job I am definitely making this a monthly commitment to my wellbeing.

Chris. N - Kangaroo valley 

Aromatouch Massage Client

"I had a most enjoyable chakradance and Kahuna bodywork session with Eloise. The first thing I noticed when I contacted and spoke to her was how down-to-earth and accommodating she was of my questions. The actual session was fantastic. Eloise creates an incredibly safe and non-judgemental atmosphere to really chakradance, let go, and be yourself. Eloise guided me through each of the seven chakras and after we danced I felt relaxed and at peace. After that it was onto the massage table where I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing Kahuna bodywork session with her. Eloise’s technique is second to none and I have never felt so relaxed and at peace in my life! I highly recommend all men (and women) enjoy a chakradancing and Kahuna bodywork session with Eloise".

Tim. J- Sydney

Chakradance and Hypno - Kahuna Bodywork

Thank you Eloise for the Kahuna Bodywork. You are a delight and a magical spirit, not to mention wonderful gifted hands.

Dave.K - Sydney

Kahuna Bodywork

I had an Aromatouch Massage with Eloise and it was a fabulous experience. Her attention to detail was immaculate whilst I felt very relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole massage. It really was a great massage, therefore. I will certainly be coming back for regular massages and I highly recommend Eloise. Thank you Eloise for my sensational and therapeutic aromatic massage.

Lisa.C - Huskisson

Aromatouch Massage

Eloise is a very professional, intuitive and compassionate massage therapist. I went home feeling rejuvenated and renewed emotionally and physically and mentally. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a healing experience.

Mary. F - Northern Beaches, Sydney

Kahuna Bodywork

Thank you beautiful Eloise for helping me with my pains; you are a fantastic NLP therapist, Kahuna body & Aromatouch masseur, etc! Absolutely enjoyed chakradancing with you, so much fun!!! Highly recommended! 

Intan. K - Kangaroo Valley 

Kahuna Bodywork and Aromatouch Massage