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What clients are saying about
Eloise from "Essence Within"

Visit Google Reviews also Currently 36 Five Star Reviews

I had a session with Eloise to help me with an issue I have suffered from for what seemed like forever. Under hypnosis we discovered together the reason, the root cause for my issue and even the exact time and place that it first appeared. Going back to past scenes was a fascinating experience and I felt completely comfortable and safe with her guiding me all the way there and back. Without the expertise, experience, knowledge, care and compassion and guidance would still be living a restricted life but now I am free of old beliefs and patterns of behaviour and it feels amazing. I can easily and freely recommend anyone with issues that they want to understand, correct or just get rid of, to go and Eloise, you will be for ever grateful you did :)

Simon Law - New Zealand 

Rapid Transformational Therapy online

Wow. This is a very special place. Stunning vista of the bushland, the sounds of the creek gurgling in the small gorge just 30 metres from your front door and deck, the firepit (bring some wood)...just perfect. The outdoor bath set in the bushland is brilliant. Having a steaming hot bath in the forest early in the morning when the outside temperature was 5 degrees was amazing. There is lots of wildlife - kangaroos, wallabies, birdlife. We had wombats visit us and we think possums may have stolen our soap! The room/tiny house is beautifully decorated. The bed is comfortable and was dressed with flannelette sheets and blankets plus a light doona. In my view way way better than just a doona and cotton sheets particularly in winter. There was good ground coffee and milk in the fridge - which was great given we forgot to bring both(!) - and a cafetière.

The host, Eloise, amongst other healing modalities is a Massage Therapist (OMG could this place be any better???). We each had a 90 minute treatment with her. My wife and I have both historically trained and worked as Remedial Massage Therapists so we can be fussy and critical, but Eloise provided one of (if not the) most relaxing, rejuvenating and healing massages we have ever had incorporating kahuna, aromatherapy, hot stones and release/let go techniques from her other healing modalities. Extraordinary.

Around Kangaroo Valley the pub grub at the friendly inn is excellent as is brunch at the "General Store" cafe. We did two amazing walks - one into a hidden creek grotto/gorge that started at the Pioneer Museum. The other along the banks and through the rainforest of upper Kangaroo River - it was like a patch of West Tasmanian wilderness was transported to the Shoalhaven! All in a stunning and relaxing place to stay.

Rod and Rebecca Sleath - Culburra

In Essentia Studio Cabin and Combination massages

Thank you Eloise for our wonderful stay in the studio! We had the most cosy and relaxing weekend snuggling up, watching and listening to the rain and the gushing water in the creek.  It was truly magical to have nice hot showers outside in the rain, looking into the trees with the wombats wandering by.  

My deep healing therapy was amazing and I continue to feel the calm, healing and inspiring effects. It was transformational - I feel like a new person! Thank you so much for your kindness, hospitality and healing. 

Jessica, CANBERRA. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy

"I had a most enjoyable chakradance and Kahuna bodywork session with Eloise. The first thing I noticed when I contacted and spoke to her was how down-to-earth and accommodating she was of my questions. The actual session was fantastic. Eloise creates an incredibly safe and non-judgemental atmosphere to really chakradance, let go, and be yourself. Eloise guided me through each of the seven chakras and after we danced I felt relaxed and at peace. After that it was onto the massage table where I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing Kahuna bodywork session with her. Eloise’s technique is second to none and I have never felt so relaxed and at peace in my life! I highly recommend all men (and women) enjoy a chakradancing and Kahuna bodywork session with Eloise".

Tim. J- Sydney

Chakradance and Hypno therapy- Kahuna Bodywork

Having initially met Eloise Lamond at the Tad James Co events, I was inspired by her love for coaching.

Eloise is very passionate, knowledgeable and the most joyful coach I have ever met. With her outgoing and energetic personality she is having an impact on the people in her life. I found her to be much more than just a trainer, she’s a friend, a mentor and life coach who is right beside you when you need it most. 

Whether you’re feeling stuck on your journey, or you took the wrong road, or came to a cross road and lack confidence, I highly recommend Eloise as a Life and Business Coach.

Your only regret will be that you didn’t reach out to her sooner. 

G.G Frantz

Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer & Coach of NLP

My massage with Eloise left me feeling and looking years younger! As I work in a highly stressful job I am definitely making this a monthly commitment to my wellbeing.

Chris. N - Kangaroo valley 

Aromatouch Massage Client

Today I had the beautiful experience of joining Eloise on a guided chakradance, an exquisite and delightful experience. Chakradance is a guided release of energy through movement and dance. as a Christian believer in Jesus I was able to connect with my heavenly father through this experience a truly wonderful expression of connection through movement . A once in a lifetime jouney well worth doing.

thankyou Eloise.

Cathy J. - Tanunda, SA {on holidays}


Thank you beautiful Eloise for helping me with my pains; you are a fantastic NLP therapist, Kahuna body & Aromatouch masseur, etc! Absolutely enjoyed chakradancing with you, so much fun!!! Highly recommended! 

Intan . K - Kangaroo Valley 

Kahuna Bodywork, Aromatouch Massage, Life Coaching, Chakradancing

Working with Eloise has been life changing. She has helped me in so many ways! Working through a lot of emotions yet having a lot of fun along the way! I totally recommend the Chakradancing too. Such a bright and fun loving human being is Eloise. Thank you.

Shelley. T - Old Erowal Bay

Life Coaching {NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time line Therapy} and Chakradancing. 

I had an Aromatouch Massage with Eloise and it was a fabulous experience. Her attention to detail was immaculate whilst I felt very relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole massage. It really was a great massage, therefore. I will certainly be coming back for regular massages and I highly recommend Eloise. Thank you Eloise for my sensational and therapeutic aromatic massage.

Lisa - Huskisson

Aromatouch Massage

I had various career challenges and couldn’t move forward. I was stuck not sure what to do or how to proceed. I had various limiting beliefs and decisions that I wasn’t even aware of that were stopping me from moving forward. 
After a “Personal Breakthrough” program with Eloise I was able to move forward. 
She helped me to discover the things that were limiting me, and eliminate them. I was able to form resourceful beliefs that empowered me. Eloise helped me set powerful goals and supported me to keep them.
Today I am confident that my career path is where I am meant to be. I have passion, purpose and move toward my goals every day. Thank you Eloise for your brilliant and life changing coaching!

Brigitte - Sydney

Life/Business Coaching

Thank you Eloise for the Kahuna Bodywork. You are a delight and a magical spirit, not to mention wonderful gifted hands.

D.K Sydney

Kahuna Bodywork

Eloise's Kahuna Bodywork relaxes, releases, revives and transforms. The ambience she creates transports the client to a tranquil place, whilst her Aromatouch massage/therapy and caring hands work smoothly and seamlessly to soften and straighten tense muscles and realign the body. The result is deep relaxation and restoration - well worth a trip down the coast to enjoy.

Celia. L-B Brisbane

Kahuna Bodywork and Aromatouch client

Thankyou Eloise for your fantastic work assisting me to move forward now with much less pain and alot more understanding of myself. I am looking forward in seeing you next month Thankyou. 

Kathy - Adelaide, SA

Life coaching and Chakradancing

Eloise is a very professional, intuitive and compassionate massage therapist. I went home feeling rejuvenated and renewed emotionally and physically and mentally. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a healing experience.

Mary. F - Northern Beaches, Sydney

Kahuna Bodywork

I had approached Eloise from "Essence Within" about doing some NLP training as I had previously had some training, however this was many years ago and I believed that it would not only benefit myself but the whole office in dealing with customers, clients and each other and because of our industry Eloise suggested that we started with  the ‘5 Step Sales Process’ and 'Excellence in Customer Service' Workshop for my Front of Office Staff.  The team were a bit skeptical as most had never heard of NLP and thought that it would not be beneficial for them.

However Eloise delivered the sessions in a very professional, engaging and relatable way with all of the team being a bit surprised of how informative it was and benefiting both professionally and personally from it.

I could not recommend strongly enough Eloise and the services of her business 'Essence Within', therefore we will be getting Eloise come back for the next phase of our training!

Thanks Eloise.

Greg.W from Oz Combined Realty, Jervis Bay, NSW 

Conducted 3 hour 5 week program/workshop on 5 Step Sales Process for Greg and Realestate Agents as well as Excellent Customer Service Presentation/Workshop for Front of Office/Admin Staff 

What a beautiful soul you are, you are an Angel from heaven sent to guide us all. You have been my Angel many times helping me deal with my pain and I am so grateful for you having those beautiful white guiding wings guiding me and everyone that is lost and showing them what heaven is just by being in your presence. You are just beautiful Eloise.  

Kyh - Bordertown

Personal character reference and support

We loved everything about this place, both inside and out! You have thought of everything. The decor is beautiful and there are so many interesting things to look at. Sitting around the fire and looking up at the stars in the night sky was amazing as was observing the visiting roos and wallabies and wombats. We had a wonderful stay and will certainly be recommending this place to our friends. Thank you.

Casey and Steve - Flinders

Fine Thyme Snuggery Couples Retreat (Sold and now in process of a new one being built)

We loved the laidback lair, the place is beautiful and very peaceful. So nice to be sorrounded by nature. We were afraid of the outdoor bath been winter, however we loved it! Totally recommend this place!

Guillermo - Sydney

Laidback Lair Couples Retreat (Sold)

Very cute character-filled place, furnished with care and in a gorgeous location. Perfect for a getaway out of the city, where you can switch off and look at the wombats under the stars.

Anna - Sydney

Fine Thyme Snuggery Couples retreat

The hospitality & efforts Eloise went to made our stay so special. The bush, rocks, birds & wombats were incredibly peaceful - we wanted to live in that hut so we could have that view every day! The self contained kitchen enabled us to cook all our meals & the outdoor shower/commode were a unique camping experience. I strongly recommend taking advantage of the healing therapies Eloise offers. The mix of chakra balancing, reflexology, hypnotherapy & time line therapy went beyond anything I had experienced before - the shifting of blocked energy was definitely not subtle! Prepare for deep transformative change that gets you out of ingrained patterns, heals old trauma at the subconscious level & leaves you feeling confident to take charge of your future. The changes we both felt have been profound & deeply healing. My fiancee & I have been able to communicate better & work through areas where we've been stuck. I couldn't think of a better way to invest in a long & loving future together. We're already planning to come back in the next 6 months.

Tracy and Alex - Wollongong

3 hour Healing sessions and stay in "In Essentia" Studio

I have had quite a few highly transformative and deeply healing sessions with Eloise.

Her knowledge, intuition and healing touch are a true gift. Eloise creates a beautiful relaxing, safe space to heal and transform.

Love your work Eloise - it is pure magic so thank you thank you thank you.

Indie - Huskisson South Coast

Healing session which includes Massage {Kahuna Bodywork and Aromatherapy}, Hypnotherapy, Psychosomatics and Energy clearing etc

Our stay at "In Essentia" for our Valentine's weekend away was amazing!! We were greeted by Eloise on arrival and we commenced our stay with a healing Kahuna/Aromatouch massage to unwind, it was the perfect way to start our stay. We were then left to our own devices and take in the beautiful bush surrounds. On the second night of our stay Eloise took us on a wildlife tour at dusk, we saw wombats, kangaroos and an echidna and not only that we were accompanied by her friendly rescue cat Molly.

"In Essentia" is a wonderful place to stay, unwind and heal.

Michael and Melanie

Accommodation, Massages and Wildlife Walking Tour at "In Essentia" Studio

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