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Aloha, my name is Eloise. I consider myself a creative, young at heart, open-hearted, optimistic and nature loving healer, with a zest for life. 

Essence Within

More about Eloise

I was lucky enough to grow up on a dairy farm and had an menagerie of pet animals from a very young age. I reared calves, cats, dogs, chooks, ducks and horses and broke my first horse in when I was 12 years old. I loved animals and animals loved me. I worked in numerous positions with animals after school such as Veterinary Nursing and continued to break in and breed horses in between jobs and travel overseas. I eventually moved to South Australia in my early 20s to study Horse Husbandry and Management at Roseworthy Agricultural College whilst falling in love with my husband, after which time we moved to Kangaroo Island to live following our marriage.

I began my Horse Trail Riding business in between having 2 beautiful children, caring for a menagerie of animals such as horses, dogs and cats etc and rearing orphaned kangaroos and birds, to name a few. My business grew and my husband and I developed it into "KI Outdoor Action Pty Ltd" offering outdoor activities including horse trail riding, water sports and cottage accommodation. We built our own home in the bush {after living in a tin shed with no electricity}from limestone lying on our 250 acre property whilst we lived a very simple alternative lifestyle. Life was certainly rewarding living in the bush on Kangaroo Island, and I definitely did not waste my precious time on watching television.

Riding horses on the beach of beautiful Vivonne Bay and through the natural bushland daily, whilst educating people about all of nature, was a lovely way to make a living, basically doing what I loved doing. Unfortunately my horses got older and insurance premiums went through the roof, so it was time for a change, so I went on working in the natural environment educating people on the importance of conservation of our beautiful planet earth and all the species that dwell upon her, working for the Department for Environment and Heritage and in the Tourism Industry in numerous roles such as an Interpretive Officer/Tour Guide with NPWS at Seal bay CP, Kelly Hill caves and Flinders Chase NP as well as driving for KI Wilderness tours and working at the Eucalyptus Distillery etc.

I always had the philosophical believe that "the closer to nature we are, the closer we become to our own spirit within, our higher self and then the less concerned we become with feeding the ego".

I felt that this was my purpose in life somehow, inspiring people to be healthy and happy by connecting with nature and themselves, rather than chasing the illusionary reality of striving to be someone they are not because society tells them its good to "keep up with the Jones".

I didn't escape my fair share of ups and downs and obstacles even though my life seemed to be wonderful to all those looking in, so I went on a journey looking for the answers after my marriage break up and feeling out of sorts here and there, regardless of my balanced life. I became a bit of a course junky, undertaking more studies in numerous alternative therapies and workshops to better myself and find more peace and happiness. I continued creating art again, sculpting and continued spending alot of time in nature, fell in love again, performed in the local theatre, played music again, began holding womens' days and healing circles whilst growing our own food, some of the wonderful activities I indulged in between running a business, and being a mother {which were all my savior}.

I do not profess to have found all of the answers, however I do know that I have had more profound moments within the peace and beauty of nature than anywhere else. I have felt more connected with my heart, my spirit, my higher self, my inner self, my god, the universal energy, my love within or whatever else you would like to call it! I also feel that creating (no matter what it is you do ie painting, dancing, writing, cooking, acting, singing, gardening, playing an instrument) also brings you closer to that wise and wonderful spirit within, where your happiness awaits you as you connect with your inner child. 

I moved back to my home roots of the Shoalhaven area from KI, with my husband, after training in Kahuna Sciences, which strengthened me in many ways. It was in Kangaroo Valley where we found our little piece of paradise. Between whatever work I could find I had a desire to create another little sanctuary within the natural bushland, for people to relax and spend precious moments with themselves in amongst nature, on our 9 acre property where I began creating the quaint small couples retreats the "Fine Thyme Snuggery" and the "Laidback Lair". I then began working part-time as a Recreational Activities Officer in an Aged Care Facility entertaining and running art projects with the residents whilst still continuing to do Kahuna Bodywork. My husband and I parted so I had no choice but to get the couples retreats finished whilst I also created "Just be by the Sea" in stunning Huskisson in Jervis Bay by the beautiful energising ocean.

I found myself so busy working as an RAO and running my own business, yet up to my eye balls in debt to the point where I was heading for a breakdown as I felt my energy had been so depleted and my life was out of balance as I had become addicted to my work {and possibly other addictions to mask my unresolved pain, with no time for me and a feeling of spinning out of control on the rat wheel of life}, my spirit encouraged me to leave my RAO position after 5 years of working in the Dementia ward and so continued to work and manage my accommodation and offer Kahuna Bodywork for guests whilst holding circles for women under the full moon, drumming circles and other such womens' circles on my property after discovering Chakradance Facilitator training, which gave me the energy to continue on and release all the pent up emotions from my past hurts. Eventually I discovered that change was inevitable and if I continued as I was I could get sick as all of the work and maintenance on my 9 acre property on my own along with numerous other jobs was too much for me. I felt a wearning to clean up my life and get out of debt as the balancing of my chakra energies encouraged momentous change, so I sold my Kangaroo Valley property, and began studying again and discovered powerful growth within during my Master  Practitioner training in NLP and Hypnotherapy and then I completed my Teachers Training in both as well, whilst working with clients here and there in Life Coaching and also with businesses improving their relationships with customers and colleagues.

My loving partner Stephen and I had met a few years prior to committing to each other and I was once again drawn back to the Valley. Together we have set up a new luxury accommodation which Stephen had spent the past few years building on the beautiful 13 acre property "Fieri Natura". Together Stephen and I had a vision to create restful retreats, on our little piece of paradise, amongst the beautiful natural bushland abundant with wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, and many bird and tree species, and have since decorated and created guest accommodation, built vegie and herb gardens, landscaped around the house and built "In Essentia" Studio, Avem Haven Studio, and my Healing Hut, and forever improving our property, to share with others. 

By immersing yourself in peaceful nature I hope you may discover the spirit of the animals and land, finding you closer to your own spirit, mind and body in the process. Sometimes we all just need to escape the hectic lives we live and take time out for ourselves in nature.

"Fieri Natura" is a tranquil and beautiful place to do just this, unwind, discover and free yourself. 

The luxury accommodation which sleeps 6 to 8 {3 queen bedrooms and a double folding sofa bed} people is an idealic place to relax and can be rented out on special occasions to groups of people  or interested in retreats or healing sessions or those just wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 

We are also in the process of designing and building a salt therapy room equipped with infrared sauna too for couples to enjoy overlooking the natural bushland, before or after a treatment in my Healing Hut  in the tranquility and seclusion of the natural bushland.

"Essence Within" is my business which has been slowly developing over numerous years. Before my business began to get busy, I had taken up casual positions as a Discovery Guide for NPWS in Sydney Harbour and an Education Officer with the Australian Botanical Gardens with the Office of Environment and Heritage, which I do enjoy doing on a casual basis {even though I had to let the NPWS position go I still work at the Australian Botanical Gardens, because once again I am bringing people closer to nature through education and interesting experiences within our wild and wonderful parks.

Besides my outside work I am passionate about offering people of all ages the opportunity to grow and heal whilst assisting them in reclaiming their mojo, wellness and their happiness via numerous healing modalities including Kahuna Bodywork, Aromatouch Technique massages, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy®, Chakradance, Inamojo {Chakradance for kids}, Puppeteering, Psychosomatics, Theta Healing and Cellular prime tuning, womens' circles as well as Excellence in Customer Service, Harmonious Workspace and 5 Step Sales Process workshops for businesses, to name a few. Remember these modalities have slowly come together to compliment each other, in the making since my early 20s, and possibly many years before due to my love of animals and the land as a child.

If you are thinking right now that I sound a bit like a work-aholic then I would have to say that I have a good work ethic and am always developing ways to increase my personal growth and business modalities whilst adding to my skills/talents, which really all compliment each other beautifully. I have a nice balance of doing a number of the wonderful  things that I love to do for business whilst having a balanced lifestyle myself, certainly will never make the mistake of over working again....life is a fun balancing act after all!

I work from my Healing Hut on our stunning 13 acre property in Kangaroo Valley, however my flexibility and my wonderful lifestyle and love for nature and the ocean afford me to come and go from place to place, wherever the work takes me, whenever I chose to work.

So feel free to ask me if I will travel for group sessions.....the answer is often yes! 

Find the right balance, I am here if you need help doing just that!

Remember life is for living in abundance, not for just working!