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Supporting others in need and

Earth Education

Support Worker and
Project Co-ordinator 

Eloise has many skills, knowledge and talents accumulated over the years whilst working for 6 years as a Recreational Activities Officer in Coastal Waters Aged Care facility entertaining the residents from High Care, Low Care and Dementia wards daily.

Eloise has completed the Certificate 3 in Aged Care and Certificate 4 in Health and Recreation as well as Certified as a Spark for Life facilitator.

Working as a Support Worker Eloise has the compassion, skills and knowledge to support those in need.

Also having worked for the Department of Environment and Heritage, National Parks and Wildlife, as a Discovery Guide and Education Officer in a part time capacity, Eloise is a passionate Earth Educator imparting the importance of Conservation of our Mother - Earth.

The Spirit of Art

Whilst working in Aged Care Eloise Co-ordinated a number of Art Projects including An Art Exhibition of 5 large collaborative Art Works by many of the residents exhibited in the Shoalhaven City Art Gallery which was a huge success. Coastal Waters Aged Care was also involved in the Sea Change Festival with Eloise as the co-ordinator of all the art works and entertainment as well as a Coastal Waters Celebrity Calendar for sale starring many residents, to name a few.

Support Worker

Eloise worked with a young lady with Tourrett Syndrome as a social support worker for over a year and a half, and bought much fun to her life whilst learning many new skills.

Currently Self Care and Recreational Activities support worker for woman with Parkinsons with NDIS.

Discovery Guide and
Education Officer

Eloise worked for the Department of Environment and Heritage for many years whilst living on Kangaroo /island as a tour guide educating visitors on the importance of Conservation as well as working in Sydney Harbour with National Parks as a Discovery Guide within historical places such as Fort Denison and Goat Island, and then the Australian Botanical Gardens in Mount Annan working with school groups educating the children and sharing her diverse skills and knowledge. These positions were part time or casual whilst she was also self employed.

Artist and Community Service


Eloise has been very involved in the Community service for many years assisting people in need, performing in the KV Puppet Theatre group entertaining young and old alike as well as being involved in many art exhibitions and events in numerous capacity.

Eloise has an approved Working with children check and Police Check and is able to work with people of all ages..

For a quote and more information call Eloise on 0427614903.

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