Chakradance and Chakra Balancing 


Then she decided to dance with her soul

The best and safest thing

is to keep a balance in your life, in your body and your mind,

and your spirit,

acknowledge the great powers

around us and in us.

If you can do that, and live that way,

you are really a wise person.

Stone Healing Circle

Treat yourself to a Chakradance in the Stone Healing Circle around the fire under the stars and new/full moon, nestled in the bushland of Kangaroo Valley....

group sessions or individual sessions on offer. 

What is Chakradance

This is a powerful tool to release repressed emotions and free the spirit, mind and body.

CHAKRADANCE, a healing dance practice that uses specific music and spontaneous dance to balance the chakras.

The chakra system contains within it seven major chakras, each acting as an energetic gateway allowing universal energy to flow in and out of our systems. Each chakra corresponds with particular body organs and reflects an aspect of consciousness on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level. Each chakra also has its own vibrational frequency as well as an attributed element and archetype. These can all be used as pathways into the chakras enabling us to connect more deeply with the energies existing within each one.

CHAKRADANCE music is modern-world-music, which has been created with the intention of using sound as a healing force. Music has incredible therapeutic powers and is considered to be the oldest form of healing. In many ancient cultures music was both composed and performed with the intention of promoting physical health, freeing emotions, entering into altered states of consciousness, and ultimately, of healing the soul. Music was considered sacred and magical. Long before psychotherapy existed, music played the role of healer, doctor and therapist.


Energy Balancing/Qi Exercises,
Energy Healing and Massage session
Re-connect with your body's wisdom and
feel more grounded, energised, healthier and
vibrant with the Energy Balancing and Aromatherapy Massage session.
Session includes:
* Grounding and Qi Exercises and booklet to take home
*  Chakra cleansing and recharging with guided visualisation, crystal and sound therapy, Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibration, 
* Therapeutic Relaxation Back and Foot Aromatherapy massage with 100% Essential oils.
*Microcurrent Resonance healing plus sound frequencies throughout.

2 to 3 hour session.
{Session includes a take home booklet }



When you book in for an Energy Balancing and Qi Exercise and deeply nurturing Aromatherapy Back and Foot Massage with a Chakra Balance Healing and/or Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibration plus Frequency healing {a 2 to 3 hour session} you receive tools/techniques to assist you in keeping your Qi energy flowing freely to restore your optimum health and vitality, to feel and look younger and feel rejuvenated and empowered.

You will receive a booklet with your daily energy routine outlined to assist you in reclaiming your energy, feeling fabulous, clear, calm and relaxed and at peace with who you are.



We all hold on to some limiting beliefs which can inhibit our success in manifesting our dreams.

In a 2 hour or 3 hour session of  Limiting Belief Clearing of each chakra, together we discover and dissolve the limiting beliefs which stop you from moving forward and creating abundance in your life by utilising a number of modalities such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Chakra Balancing techniques and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, to name a few, and take home tools and tasks to assist you in creating your dream.

With the added bonus of Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibration this ensures you leave with a deep powerful knowing that you can achieve whatever it is you want in life.


2 hour session $160

3 hour session incorporating Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibrations $250



Balance and align your chakra {energetic} system and energy field {aura}

Have increased focus on your path in life

Greatly increase your energy levels

Have more confidence in yourself

Enhance your creativity

Connect with your spiritual self

Achieve deeper levels of concentration/clarity of mind

Trust in your intuition

Increase your endorphins {happy hormones}

Achieve an openness to receive new opportunities and love

Feel a lightness of being


Besides physical experience, there is a belief from the ancient Indian teachings that there is an underlying system that is invisible, but permeates all things. It consists of energy called prana, meaning "life force" or "vital energy". This energy enters the body at different frequencies via a series of special sites or energy centres, each one called a chakra: this word means "wheel" in the ancient language Sanskrit. The chakra system is part of the tradition of yoga, which began in India several thousands of years ago. Indian sages regarded the chakras as the means whereby universal energy, the force  that creates all things, is stepped down in frequency so that the human body can use it. One of the fundamental ancient universal laws is that energy precedes form - in modern times aspects of quantum physics express the same idea. So as well as having a physical body that we can see and touch, we also have an "energy body" invisible to the eye, but permeating our solid structure. The chakras are our energy blueprint, needed in the invisible realm to create, heal, and balance the human body in the physical realm. 


There are seven major chakras in the human body, located from the crown of the head, down through the forehead, throat, chest, solar plexus and abdomen, to the base of the spine.


Learning more about the types of energy within you, where they are concentrated and how they relate to your feelings and moods, can make a huge difference to the way you deal with the everyday demands of life.


We all go through times when we feel as though life is getting on top of us. Working with the  chakra system helps us identify why we are feeling a certain way, and teaches us to pause, feel changes in our bodies, and react differently to whatever confronts us.

Chakras help us understand our emotions and in turn understand ourselves. True healing recognizes that we are multi-dimensional beings, with the body influencing the mind and vice versa. When you work with the chakras and emotions this way, it helps you to stop feeling victimized by your emotions. Sadness, anger, jealousy—these things aren't here to steal your joy.
They're messages from your soul, trying to give you important information. The key is to stop judging yourself for feeling and instead, open your heart to yourself.
Once you accept how you feel, you can accept who you are. A foundational piece of self-love is accepting how you feel. 


Although the chakras are part of an invisible energetic framework for the body, they are also connected to the physical anatomy ie the Central Nervous System. Illness is often called a state of dis-ease - a lack of ease, or relaxation, in the system. Stress, whether emotional, physical or mental, is a major cause of imbalance. It is the factor that impedes the flow of chakra energy, and over time, may manifest itself as physical imbalances in the body. Remember energy precedes form: whatever appears physically has its roots in something energetic that has fallen out of balance.

Gently working to restore the appropriate chakra frequency helps the body's powerful self-healing mechanisms to restore harmony.


One of the key ways chakras influence the physical body is via the hormone system. The seven major chakras are all connected to glands or organs responsible for different hormonal activities. Hormones are chemicals that transmit instructions around the body. They are a vital yet subtle element of body chemistry, possibly the closest aspect of the human form to the energy body itself, and are said to be directly influenced by chakra energies.

The root chakra is linked to the adrenal glands which produce hormones associated with the fight or flight response and our survival instinct. 

The sacrum chakra links to the ovaries and testes, which produce sex hormones. 

The solar plexus connects to the pancreas, which produces insulin.

The heart chakra is linked to the thymus, a key player in our immune system.

The throat chakra is connected to the thyroid, which releases hormones important for cellular growth and repair.

The third eye chakra is linked to the pituitary gland at the base of the brain, which directs the activity of many of the body's hormones.

The crown chakra is linked to the pineal gland, which releases melatonin, and governs our responses to dark and light, regulating our sleeping and waking cycles.




The root chakras Sanskrit name is muladhara, means root or central support and is associated with the vibrant colour red. The root chakra is the frequency that anchors us and grounds us in physical existence: its element is Earth. Root chakra function is linked to the adrenal gland activity and are set up in the body to get you into a state of awareness and alertness to keep you alive., therefore root chakra energy is closely connected to physical survival. For all of our beliefs in ourselves as a civilized species, regarding survival we still have the physiology of our cave man ancestors, who often had to run for their lives. The problem with modern life is that it generates mental stress that keeps us in fight or flight state for extended periods and does not allow us sufficient time to recover. This can cause adrenal overload, tiredness, exhaustion and general weakness. These are also signs of a deficiency in root chakra energy. When the root chakra is strong, there is a sense of good health, a stability in body and mind, a feeling of being centred and a trust in ones ability to cope with life.

It also connects you powerfully with the earth. Because the root chakra is associated with survival, it connects with the deep seated emotions of insecurity, instability and fear. Feelings of insecurity can make us lash out in impatience or anger at those around us because we hold them responsible for our stability. People who are out of balance in the root chakra often have irrational fear, possibly over weight and can become obsessive with the material things in life such as hoarding. The truth is we have to find that centre, that core of strength within ourselves, which nobody else can do for us. Earthing assists in balancing our Root Chakra.



The sacral chakra is known as svadhisthana in Sanskrit, meaning "your dwelling place" and is associated with the colour orange. The phrase is subtle - who or what dwells there? The answer is that the sacral chakra is home to your emotions and creativity. It is the creative impulse that ensures the survival of the human species, which is why the sacral chakra is also connected to human sexuality and the aspects of male and female that combine together to create new life.  The element of the sacral chakra is Water: it connects to the fluids of the male and female, the waters of birth, as well as tears and emotions. It reminds us that all relationships are constantly flowing from one state to another, through positive times and challenges, always transforming and rebirthing into something new. This chakra helps us to understand change, and feel comfortable with it. It is also connects us with each other, building all of our relationships, whatever we can achieve alone is enhanced when we work together.

Sacral chakra links with the emotions and human relationships are its testing ground. Jealousy, intolerance, irritation or envy are signs that this chakra is out of balance. If we do not tackle these difficult emotions, they can lead to hormonal shifts in the body and possibly problems such as impotence or emotional coldness. When the sacral chakra is in balance, we experience joy in ourselves and through being with others. We are ready to expand into relationships, to grow and change. Sacral energy also links to the throat chakra, where the voice expresses our feelings. If our voice is blocked emotionally and we cannot say how we feel, we may feel tension in our lower back and decreased sexual energy. Communication is a role shared by these two chakras: the clearer we are when we speak, the easier our expression becomes in intimate relationships.


The solar plexus chakra is the easiest to locate as it lies just below the ribcage, above your belly button.

Named Manipura, meaning "lustrous jewel", this chakra is associated with the brilliant golden yellow colour like the sun. It is the major source of energy for the whole body, your power centre as such.

In spirtual terms, the solar plexus chakra is a place where the human being expresses ego - demands and wishes of the lower self, linked to the positive aspects of the will and drive to succeed. However in modern life the solar plexus chakra is also vulnerable to manipulation, particularly by the media as the power of advertising drives and stimulates feelings such as greed and want. Positive influence of the solar plexus chakra on the ego is highly necessary, it can encourage assertiveness rather than aggression, self-confidence rather than arrogance, healthy self-esteem rather than self-importance. This in turn, can improve and enhances our relationships at the sacral chakra level and clarify our actions at the root chakra level. The lower three chakras work closely together to influence each other.

The solar plexus chakra's element is fire, linked to the brilliant golden glow of its colour. In many esoteric traditions fire is seen as cleansing, a way of disposing of old energy.

The negative emotional level of the solar plexus chakra can resemble a stubborn, angry child. Experiencing deep-rooted feelings that are almost too powerful to express, or a furious desire to control others, are signs that this chakra is out of balance. The demanding will of the lower self needs to be guided by the wisdom of the higher self. This is your inner knowing, the "still small voice" inside your head that instinctively knows what is right. Listening to your higher self will help to rebalance the solar plexus chakra and calm the emotions.


The heart chakra balances body and mind: it is the place of harmony and beauty, and associated with the colour green. In nature we see the rich profusion of vibrant, lush green leaves reaching for the light of the sun. This energy of growth and expansion is the key to the green heart chakra. Its element is Air, which links to the lungs and the expansion of the breath itself. The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is Anahata,  which means "unbeaten" or "unstruck", so called because the heart is the location where we feel and express love, very often the heart can feel struck and in pain. This is because human love is susceptible to the influence of will - the influence of the solar plexus chakra - which tries to make things happen and is then hurt if they do not. If the heart chakra is "unbeaten" it is strong and radiates love from a higher level beyond the demands of the lower will. This is unconditional love. It exists and radiates in an inexhaustible supply. It is love for all beings, all creatures, all that is and shall be.

Unconditional love is a state of being, not doing. Sometimes it can be a challenge, because as human beings  we constantly have to balance the physical aspects of living and functioning in our bodies with the creative and inspirational aspects of our minds and spirits. The journey of life is a learning curve, and we are all subject to outside influences, as well as our desires, needs and wants. There is nothing wrong with any of these aspects of existence as long as none of them dominates. To be in a state of unconditional love is to know compassion, caring and tenderness for ourselves and those around us, without needing it back. Yet, wonderfully, if we give love unconditionally, we will receive it in the same way. 

This is what Indian sages call the law of karma. "As you sow, so shall you reap".

If your heart chakra is low in energy, then the feeling of love will be suppressed. You may suffer outbursts of bitterness or jealousy, especially if the solar plexus chakra is involved and the will is demanding that you meet its desires. Closure of the heart chakra can lead to emotional withdrawal and difficulties in communication. Here the problem can immobilize the following chakra in the sequence, the throat chakra. So the heart chakra has a vital part to play in creating emotional balance, so that we can freely express and receive love.


The throat chakra lies in the base of the neck area, and is associated with the colour sapphire blue. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is vishuddha, which means purification, in this case relating to the power of sound.  Throat chakra energy is intimately concerned with the voice - with speaking, chanting, singing. The more the throat chakra is in balance, the purer our communication can be with each other.

The element of the throat chakra is Ether.

We have travelled from Earth at the root chakra, through Water at the sacral, Fire at the solar plexus and Air at the heart, Ether is the first level beyond the physical body. The energy of sound reverberates into this level and helps to purify the energetic blue print of the body. This is why toning and chanting sacred sounds is such as effective way to heal, balance and support this chakra.

This chakra is deeply connected with self expression. Each one of us is unique, we all have something to say. Often when we become stressed or emotionally frustrated, our throats feel tight and we feel as if we cant breathe. It is as if we are unable to express what we really want to say - or maybe we say something we will later regret. To keep this chakra open and well balanced, it is important to be open and clear in the way you relate to others and express your own truth.


The third eye chakra sits between the eyebrows, and is associated with colour indigo, the deep purplish blue of the night sky. Its Sanskrit name is ajna, meaning "to perceive", this chakra is intimately associated with intuition, the "sixth sense" instinctive knowing that is mysterious but somehow right.

The third eye chakra is the home of intelligence. This can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual - it does not just mean "being clever". We have the capacity, via the chakras, to know our physical bodies, to relate to our feelings, to understand our world, and to be inspired spiritually - these are all elements of our intelligence. The third eye is where all these elements combine to give us a complete perception of ourselves and the world around us. At this chakra we are moving beyond the physical body into the realm of light - this light  is the subtle element associated with the third eye. Chanting OM brings the light of the cosmos into the physical body.

Many issues arising in the energy frequency of the third eye chakra come about because one or more of the lower chakras is out of balance and affecting it. For example, solar plexus tension can create mental tension leading to headaches and migraines in the third eye area. Another example  is sexual tension or coldness in the sacral and root chakras which can also lead to migraines. You need to clear the lower chakra issues to allow the third eye to function well. Negative mental states such as anxiety, fear, confusion and insecurity, also show there is low energy in the third eye chakra. It is important to ground the whole system using root chakra techniques before working specifically with the third eye chakra.



The crown chakra sits at the very top of the head. In a newborn baby, the skull bones here are unfused, and the ancient traditions of India believe that this is to maintain the connection to the divine source for a short while, until the spirit has grounded into the newborns' body. This link to the source of creation is maintained throughout life via the crown chakra. Its colour is violet or white and its Sanskrit name  is sahasrara, meaning "thousand petalled lotus". 

The crown chakra is your connection to whatever you believe to be spirit, Source, the divine spark of creation. Even if you think you are not a spiritual person, you still have the energy level within you. It is whatever speaks to you of connection and love beyond everyday existence.

Crown chakra energy is the highest frequency in the body. It is linked to the pineal gland function and 

conditions such as depression or seasonal defective disorder. It is also likely that children diagnosed with hyperactivity or ADHD have some kind of crown chakra imbalance. Crown chakra issues can also manifest as challenging psychological conditions such as dementia, schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses, where concepts of reality are uncertain. This can lead to irrational behavior, confusion and great vulnerability. 

Therapies  using the senses as a means of communication can help people with these conditions. Texture, sound, colour, aroma along with movement all help to rebalance the chakra system, bringing grounding and a better sense of connection to the world.


Emotionally empower yourself with CHAKRADANCE, your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it!


The Energy Network of the Body

What are body meridians?

Body Meridians are energy channels, ‘transporting’ life energy (Chi/Qi) throughout the body. When the channels are blocked, a lack of energy supply to certain areas of the body, can be felt. Energy blockages can be the result of stress, an injury or trauma, or bad living habits (diet, habits/addictions, and lack of exercise) and can be activated or sedated. Balanced body meridians are key to good health - physical, mental and spiritual. Our energy flow affects how we feel, how we think, and the overall condition of our health situation. When the body's life-force energy becomes blocked, various imbalances can result. For centuries, in China, Japan, Tibet, India and other countries, life has been considered to be a bioelectrical vibrational energy phenomenon. In this view, it is only because of the existence of this energy in our body that we can move, breathe, digest food… think and even feel. Different cultures call this energy by different names... 'Prana', 'Chetana' or 'Qi' (Chi) are some examples. Qi is composed of two opposites: 'Yin' and 'Yang'. A person remains in good health when there is harmony and balance between these two forces. If the balance is disturbed, that is, if the flow of one of these forces is greater than the other, illness/disease arises. These forces – energies – flow through definite channels in the body, called 'body meridians' (the body's healing energy pathways). Meridian massage (Meridian flush and Meridian tapping and Qi exercises) Acupressure and Acupuncture - use the Body Meridians and Acu-points to promote balance and health.


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Qualified as a Chakradance Facilitator, Limiting Belief Clearing
and Neuro Linguistic Programming